Friday, July 2, 2010

What I Saw Tonight (July 2, 2010)

At Columbia River Park:

Not all of the new lights (CLICK HERE) had been installed during the day, so none were lit up after dark.  (The "open" bases of the uninstalled ones would have had exposed live wires.)  I thought the original goal might have been to have them all installed and lit for the holiday weekend.  

Plenty of people were around, inhabiting the park in the semi-darkness.  There was just enough light from the bridge to be able to see your way around.  Several people were fishing, and there was a group down by the steps, under the bridge, lighting off sparklers and Roman candles.  Someone had built a small fire on the shore of the first pier of the old Civil War bridge.  A sign at the entrance states the park is closed dusk to dawn, but that didn't deter anyone, and the police weren't enforcing the rule, at least while I was there.  At any rate, everyone seemed to be enjoying the evening.

Two uniformed officers were checking registrations of boaters arriving from the river.  They were also checking fishing licenses of people fishing along the shore.  The keystone-shaped logo on their vehicle read, "Waterways Conservation Officer."  CLICK HERE.

Some "unofficial" offshore fireworks were being set off a little further down the river.  About 10 p.m., a Columbia Borough police cruiser passed through and then linked up with the Waterways officers.  

Night shot


What I Saw Today (July 2, 2010)

Street sweeping

Goin' Fishin'

Scoopmobile sighting

A very short trip up Locust Street (Video)

Let There Be Light . . .

The new lights have arrived at the Columbia River Park and were being installed this morning.
I've been told there are 30 lights total, costing a flat rate of about $20 a month in electricity fees to operate them.

Workers install one of the light posts.

What looks like the aftermath of a hurricane is actually one of the sites where the light posts were delivered.  
Others were placed near their bases throughout the park.

Some different views

Later in the day, 
this traffic counter appeared
at the exit.

What I Saw . . . Yesterday (July 1, 2010)


To the river . . . !

Manor Street School


Cross (Holy Trinity Cemetery)

Star (Laurel Hill Cemetery)


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