Saturday, June 19, 2010

Albatwitch? (Maybe I Should've Waited 'til Halloween for This One.)

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The Columbia Car Show - June 19, 2010

There were more entries this time than ever before (over 400) and the weather was good (if a little hot), so the show could be labeled a rousing success. This was the first year that cars extended to the 500 block of Locust Street. The show has come a long way since the first one on the Veterans' Memorial Bridge in 2005. Thanks to Barry "Tailpipe" Doutrich for organizing the annual event.

(All photos by Cole Umber. Click for larger views.)

Tracks to Nowhere?

Above: Looking northeast near the junction of Mill, Barber, and Florence Streets.

Below: Looking southwest.

The Frank Sahd Salvage Center recently purchased and renovated this rail line purportedly to transport materials, but apparently there hasn't been a train on these tracks in quite a while. I travel past this area quite often and have not seen or heard a train there in years. If the company isn't going to use the line, it could at least keep the area clean and free of weeds, as required by borough ordinance. Maybe we would have been better off if Columbia Borough had acquired the line and converted it to a rail-trail for public use.
(Photos by Cole Umber. Click for larger views.)

Weeds Be Gone!

As of this morning, the weeds at 470 Locust Street (see yesterday's entry) were gone, just in time for today's car show. Hooray and thanks! Now if only the rest of the street could follow suit.

Man Rescued from River

Rescue personnel helped a man who was rescued from the Susquehanna River after reportedly jumping from the Route 30 bridge about noon today. (Photos taken at Columbia River Park by Cole Umber on June 19, 2010. Click on pics for larger views.)

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