Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Other Superfund Site

Here's the link:

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It has a Columbia address, but officially it's in West Hempfield.

What I Saw Today (June 18, 2010)

All in a Row

What's Wrong with These Pictures?

831 Lancaster Avenue. What a wonderful sight for travelers passing along the highway, not to mention a candidate for a personal injury lawsuit, or several thereof. This property has so many code violations it's difficult to count them. (Click on each pic for a larger view.)

Weed City USA

470 Locust Street

Along Locust Street

430 Locust Street

Avenue H and Fourth Street

(Click on pics for larger view.)
Except for the last two, these pics were taken along Locust Street, between Fourth and the highway. I shot them this morning, Friday, June 18. This area is a disgrace, as you can see. Why is this being allowed to happen? I'm sure there are ordinances on the books governing this sort of thing. Why aren't they being enforced? The Borough should either make the property owners get rid of the weeds (or face a fine), or eradicate the weeds and charge the owners. We want the town to be revitalized, but this overgrowth is a poor advertisement for visitors, especially since most of it is along the main drag. I've heard of a lack of curb appeal, but this is ridiculous.

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