Saturday, September 4, 2010

What I Saw Today (September 4, 2010)

A new music store - 
Morning Dove - on the 
400 block of Locust Street

3 towers

A new proprietor at
4th and Locust but . . .

. . . the same old decay

Open door policy - 
200 block of Locust

Some pics:

The bridge, speaking of which . . .

. . . upcoming

Broken door storage

Dunging out.  I wonder if
there's any radioactive waste.



These signs need to come down now.
They're still plastered all over
River Park.

Spinning wheel inside shop window.
This is an easy way to get a double exposure.

Why are the flags at half staff?
(Bus stop on Locust Street)

What's left of an everglades
air boat.  It got the whole way
here before it conked out.

I saw six cop cars in the parking lot
outside the Family Restaurant at
the Columbia Plaza.  If they're having breakfast, who's watching the town?
(Besides me, I mean.)
To be fair, the police did leave before 8 a.m., which, I presume, is the beginning
of their shift.  (I hope.)

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