Sunday, June 27, 2010

The ORIGINAL Burning of the Bridge - A Firsthand Account from 147 Years Ago

Click HERE for pics and information about the ORIGINAL burning of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge on June 28, 1863. John Quincy Denney and several others were ordered to burn the bridge to thwart the Confederate advance from the Wrightsville side. The Columbia Historical Preservation Society recently obtained a letter written by Denney describing the bridge burning.

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The halt from Major General Darius N. Couch and Andrew, who fought with R.T.Forte aka Fortune, was stopping the them so they did not run into the fight with the Shawnee, and Apache over the Compound Partnership they revoked by not paying the Indians who built the Maramec Iron Works, Pig Iron, digging the Ore, and Fuel with the Steel shops and buildings erected they did not get paid their money. Denny just prevented the other half off the troops from being slaughtered, because they breach an Treaty Agreement.But good stuff

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