Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Columbia's Little Superfund Site - on Front Street!

From the EPA report on the UGI Columbia Gas Plant:

"On September 24, 2007 EPA determined that the physical construction for the site cleanup was complete. 

The U.S. EPA Record of Decision (ROD) and Preliminary Close-Out Report (PCOR) for the Site were both signed on September 24, 2007.

The ROD’s selected remedy is: No Further Action for site soils, long-term groundwater monitoring, operation and maintenance of caps constructed pursuant to the removal action, institutional controls (ICS) and a Technical Impracticability (TI) waiver for restoration of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase liquid (DNAPL) groundwater. The PCOR signifies the Site has achieved construction complete status. Columbia Borough and PPL are in discussion on the sale of the site property. Columbia Borough has expressed and interest on reusing the property for the Borough’s vehicle parking, vehicle maintenance garage and for the storage of road salt. The removal actions conducted by PRPs included design and construction features in anticipation of this reuse."
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