Sunday, April 13, 2008

What I Saw Today (April 13, 2008)

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Sign . . .

. . . sign . . .

. . . everywhere a sign.

Even here


These have been used on the American taxpayer by the Federal Government.

Jolly green giant

Train station at Front and Walnut. Until the 1960s, you could catch a train out of town right here.

Date stone at Second and Walnut

Fitting tribute

Xmas in April . . . and why not?

What I Saw Today (April 6, 2008)

(Click on each pic for a larger view.)

Stone wall

End of the line

This one didn't make it to the bike auction.

Watch dog

Painters needed

Forgotten steps

On the road again

Family outing

The Crossing

Call of nature

Time to diet

Lined up

Roman arches

Windows . . .

. . . and more windows.

Hole in the Wall. Butch Cassidy must be around here somewhere . . .

Like the sign says . . .

Steps to the basement (The Columbia Market House)


Time for a trim? (House of Cutz on Locust Street)

What I Saw Today (April 5, 2008)

(Click on each pic for a larger view.)

Bell (Columbia VFW at Fourth and Manor Streets)

Bell tower


Hidden in the branches

The House of Broken Windows (next to Shawnee Creek, on South Fourth Street)

Radiators for sale (Fourth and Locust)

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