Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sights Around Town (Slide Show)

What I Saw Today (Thursday, March 27, 2008)

Following are pics of what I saw during a late morning walk around town today . . . (Click pic for large view.)

Spring is springing.

Forgotten goods


The following three pics show the aftermath of high winds we had a few Saturdays ago. Many branches at Columbia River Park were broken off, and some trees were damaged to the point that they had to be cut down.

Broken branch


Wood chips

Difference of opinion

Strange caravan

These pillars (pictured above) have been rising next to the Locust Street bus stop at the site of the old Woolworth's building (near the alley by the municipal building). Maybe they're a tribute to Arthur C. Clarke, who died last week, at the age of 90.

When Route 462 (the Lincoln Highway ) was redone a year or so ago, nifty little markers featuring the profile of Abe Lincoln (like the one pictured above) were installed along the sidewalk . . .

. . . but for some reason, they've been "going missing," especially across from the Union Central Bank. (Two are missing from in front of Royer's flower shop, plus two on each side of the road over the bridge, for a total of six.) Are they simply coming loose, or are they being pried loose and taken as souvenirs? (You know the old saying that some people abide by: "If it ain't nailed down, it's mine. And if I can pry it loose, it ain't nailed down.") At any rate, I wonder if the borough is aware of this. I hope the missing markers can be replaced and attached more reliably.

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