Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The DEP's Radioactive Meltdown

In regard to the previous entry "Radioactive Columbia": I don't get it. We live downstream from Three Mile Island, and the authorities tell us we're safe, always have been, and always will be (despite that little glitch back in '79), yet the Department of Environmental Protection is concerned that Strube, Inc. has a collection of old aircraft dials with traces of luminous radioactive paint. I think they're requiring him to get rid of the equipment.
Give me a break. When I was growing up, my family had several old wristwatches and alarm clocks with dials marked with luminous paint. Its usage was quite common back in the day. Now it's virtually a crime to own anything containing this paint.
Until recently, some of the aforementioned aircraft dials were displayed in the window at Strube's Locust Street address and had been for years, as I recall. Apparently, someone needed to justify their job and made an issue of the items displayed. I only wish I'd have gotten a few pics of them before they were hidden away.
Just a note: Around lunch time today, I saw a security guard driving away from in front of this building.

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