Monday, October 8, 2007

The Politics is Coming Around the Corner

President Bush visited the area last week. I didn't go to see him, not having been invited to the invitation-only gathering, but the local newspaper reported that, in typical Bush fashion, he made a few blunders and dropped a few malapropisms. For example:
"My job is a decision-making job. And as a result, I make a lot of decisions."
He referred to the building he was visiting as an S-CHIP corporation," even though it was actually a "subchapter S corporation."
Referring to his advisers, he said, "...I listen carefully to their advice, but having gathered the device [sic], I decide, you know, I say, 'This is what we're going to do.'"
He also said, "The politics is coming around the corner here in 2008."
And, "You know, when you give a man more money in his pocket - in this case a woman more money in her pocket - to expand a business, it - they build buildings. And when somebody builds a new building, somebody has got to come and build the building. And when the building expanded, it prevented [sic] additional opportunities for people to work."
The President's words speak for themselves, so I won't even comment.

O, Fall, Where Art Thou?

Yes, God makes mistakes - hyenas, hatred, and George W. Bush, to name a few - the most recent being that it was 88 degrees today, October 8. Not in the tropics, but here, in good ol’ Columbia, just a smidgen off the 40th parallel. We didn’t break the record, but we were well above the normal daytime high of 65 degrees. In fact, temperatures have been higher than normal at least since the beginning of the month. Even though we’re a few weeks into autumn, summer’s hot breath refuses to fade, making for an odd mix of longer shadows from the sun’s lower arc, and blazing heat and high humidity. But, thankfully, certain things refuse to bow to the summer hangover: the leaves are changing color, signaling the start of fall fireworks among the foliage, or “foilage,” as some folks here term it. Yesterday (Sunday) morning, I took a walk past the park just as the sun was rousing itself but before the town woke to hangovers, Sunday papers, and church services. Acorns nudged themselves free of their fathering oaks and clacked to the sidewalk as a slight breeze slipped through. A squirrel, spotting opportunity, bounced through the grass, gathering the bounty. Maybe fall is about to appear at last.

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